Glossary 2

Birch Bark
Betula Papyrifera
The bark of Betula Papyrifera, is rich in betulin and betulinic acid. Appreciated for its properties, Birch tree is renowned for being a good diuretic, without forcing the kidneys. It has the capacity to produce perspiration and to help in treating rheumatism and inflammations of the urinary bladder.  
Birch promotes the elimination of cholesterol from the blood, and disinfects the body. It is also efficient against liver diseases, ascites, diarrhea, constipation and intestinal parasites. Cardiac edemas, originating in circulatory insufficiency, arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis can also be relieved with the help of brews based on birch. It is also recommended in treating the flu, fevers, colds and chronic sinusitis. With internal use, it is also used for easing headaches, dizziness, allergies and for tonifying the nervous system.
• Betulin, an ingredient found in abundance in Birch bark, may have a wide range of metabolic benefits by blocking a pathway important in production of cholesterol and fatty acids, according to new research. The study, published in Cell Metabolism, reported that the Birch bark compound lowered cholesterol, helped prevent diet-induced obesity and improved insulin sensitivity in lab mice. Betulin-treated mice in the study were also seen to be more resistant to developing atherosclerotic plaques in their arteries.
The researchers said that betulin acts by targeting 'sterol regulatory element-binding proteins' (SREBPs)— transcription factors known to be important in the expression of genes involved in the production of cholesterol, fatty acids, and triglycerides.


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Black Seed 
Nigella sativa

Black seed increases immune function (see U.S. Patents Sections, Antiviral Agents Bulletin #5,482,711).

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Bran Rice
Oryza sativa
High levels of a marker called 8-OHdG indicate biological stress and genetic damage due to oxygen-based free radicals. Researchers found that Rice bran, which contains various forms of the antioxidant Vitamin E, markedly lowered the rats’ levels of the peptide 8-OHdG.
Rice bran also boasts an array of essential vitamins and minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and gamma oryzanol (only found in rice bran), plus it is packed full of Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids.
• Rice bran is a treasure trove of phytonutrients, working both synergistically and in parallel.
These phytonutrients are hard to come by in a typical diet, even for the health purist. They are believed to be useful in the nutritional management of certain metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Tocotrienols, polyphenols, inositol hexaphosphate (IP6), non-starchy polysaccharides, gamma oryzanol and phytosterols are the major phytonutrients available in this super food.

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Arctium lappa
The rapid elimination of accumulated toxins in the blood is accomplished by  Burdock. The wonderful and very effective blood cleansing and the strong detoxification ability of the herb is a very well known property of the herb and is made use of by many herbalists around the world. Burdock effectively stimulates the digestive system and the functioning of the liver and also activates the pancreas as the roots, the leaves and the seeds have a very bitter flavor. These different parts of the burdock herb are used to bolster a weakened digestive system, they are also used to relieve excessive wind and flatulence, Burdock also has a mild laxative action, and is used for the treatment of abdominal distension as well as long term indigestion. Bacterial and fungal infections which are persistent can be effectively treated using Burdock; the herb is also very helpful in reintroducing and establishing the normal complement of bacteria inside the gut of affected patients. The elimination of toxic substances via the urine is also aided by Burdock due to its mild diuretic property. Many chronic inflammatory disorders including gout, persistent arthritis and rheumatism can also be treated effectively using Burdock herbal remedies, as the herb can effectively push accumulated toxins into the bloodstream for quick elimination via the normal channels in these cases. The action of the sebaceous glands on the skin are also promoted by Burdock and for this reason, remedies made from Burdock are effective and excellent for the complete treatment of all kinds of skin diseases affecting patients. Elevated blood sugar levels in diabetics can also be lowered effectively by Burdock and thus the herb can be used in the treatment of blood sugar problems in diabetes affected patients. Traditional medications made from the Burdock root have been used to regulate the menstrual periods; this remedy is known to stimulate the functioning of the uterus in women. For this reason, this remedy has traditionally been used for the treatment of prolapse in women; it is also used to strengthen the women before and following childbirth when physical strength is low.

• Burdock contains: Root/Leaves: glycosides, flavonoids, tannins, volatile oil, polyacetylenes, resin, mucilage, inulin, alkaloids, essential oil. Caution is advised on the use of the Burdock by women during pregnancy as taking very large quantities of the Burdock root may actively stimulate the uterus.
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Camu Camu
Myrciaria dubia
It takes four to five years for the Camu Camu bush to bear fruit. The growing popularity of this wild rainforest fruit is contributing to the sustainable development of the Amazon River basin and helping the forest dwellers to maintain their traditional way of life.
Camu Camu has an extraordinarily high Vit. C content (in the order of 2-3% of fresh weight, second only to the Australian native Terminalia ferdinandiana)
It is also rich in flavonoids, such as anthocyanins, flavonols and flavanols, catechins, delphinidin 3-glucoside, cyanidin 3-glucoside, ellagic acid and rutin; other analysis revealed the presence of gallic and ellagic acids, suggesting that Camu Camu fruit possesses hydrolysed tannins (gallo- and/or ellagitannins)
Some of the medicinal properties of this Amazon rain forest fruit include a range of health-promoting effects.

 • Camu Camu helps to strengthen the immune system, maintain healthy eyes, skin and gums. Very supportive with the general treatment for mood-support, in order of potency, Camu Camu ranks high on the growing list of plants with mood-balancing characteristics. Although it has had limited clinical application, Camu Camu has proven most effective in this area. There is only indirect evidence at this stage from scientific studies on the effect of natural Vit. C on brain function. It appears to provide nutritional support for the brain to optimize its own mood balancing chemistry. Published research links Vit. C and the increase in serotonin levels in the brain. Some health care practitioners have reported that Camu Camu has same day mood-balancing effects. There are no side effects, such as photo-sensitivity or gastrointestinal problems, and it can be used safely in combination with prescription antidepressants.

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Cuminum cyminum

The common culinary herb called the Cumin, is an annual herbaceous plant with a small and slender, branched stem. Even when fully mature, the Cumin plant very rarely grows above a foot in height and is characterized by a somewhat angular facade.
The seeds of the black Cumin plant contain over 100 chemical compounds, including some yet to be identified. In addition to what is believed to be the primary active ingredient, crystalline nigellone, Cumin seeds contain: thymoquinone, beta sitosterol, myristic acid, palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorous. Research on nigella sativa oil (cumin) has indicated significant therapeutic activity in regulating blood sugar. ORAC testing confirms it’s a powerful antioxidant, more powerful in fact than vitamin E.

• Cuminum cyminum  seeds are a very good source of iron, a mineral that plays many vital roles in the body. Iron is an integral component of hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to all body cells, and is also part of key enzyme systems for energy production and metabolism. A strong blood and body support.

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Inonotus Obliquus
Chaga contains 215 phytonutrients including 29 polysaccharide or beta glucan derivatives.
Chaga has been researched as an antiviral, anti-tumor for breast and uterine and other cancers. It's powerful benefits for longevity (increasing vital force and strengthening the immune system) are legendary and are the basis for many folklore remedies dating back through antiquity. Also an amphoteric, Chaga can adapt both to an alkaline or acid requirement of the body. It has been used to successfully reduce blood pressure, and to moderating a rapid heart rate.
Recent studies in the U.S., Russia, and other countries have shown Chaga to have anti-tumor benefits related to the mammary glands and female sex organs; studies in Finland have demonstrated that inotodial, one of the most active ingredients in Chaga, was effective against influenza and various cancer cells; and Japanese research not only found similar antiviral activity, but also discovered that Chaga shows activity against HIV (protease inhibition).
• Chaga has even been classified as a medicinal mushroom under World Trade Organization (WTO) codes.
The primary active compounds discovered in Chaga are a variety of triterpenes and sterols including Lanosterol, Ergosterol Inotodials, Saponins, and Polysaccharides. Modern research is now beginning to demonstrate that these compounds used by folk medicine practitioners for millennia are effective for many human maladies, without the toxic side-effects.
• Chaga, unlike the other medicinal mushrooms contains an exceptional amount of SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) content. SOD content in Chaga is exceptional: over 35,000 units/gm  

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Eugenia caryophyllata

The association of the Clove with human society is old indeed. The ancient Chinese Han dynasty - lasting from 207 B.C. to A.D. 220, gives us our first clue to the uses of the fragrant Clove.The Chinese used Cloves to get rid of bad breath over 2000 years ago, and it is even said that anyone who had an audience with the Emperor was required to chew on Cloves so that their breath was sweet! Clove oil especially has been used by traditional folk healers down the ages, as well as by modern pharmacists and dentists in alleviating the symptoms associated with toothache and dental decay.
Cloves can also be used to alleviate very uncomfortable symptoms in the digestive system, including excess abdominal gas, problems such as colic, and bloating in the abdominal region. Muscle spasms can be relieved if the Cloves are applied as a topical ointment, at the same time, the anti-spasmodic action of the Clove also aids in the alleviation of coughs and other problems of the respiratory system.
• The stimulating property of the Cloves has made it famous as an aphrodisiac in the west as well as in India. The Clove is believed to aid in stimulating the body as well as the mind by boosting a flagging memory. In some Asian cultures, women about to go into labor are sometimes given the Cloves to prepare them for the rigors and physical demands of a child birth, it is believed that the uterine muscle contractions during labor are strengthened and stimulated by the Cloves. The remedy made from Cloves is also used in the treatment of acne, in treating the symptoms of bell's palsy, in the treatment of skin ulcers, various types of sores, and styes affecting the eyes - in addition to many other uses already mentioned.
• Clove contains volatile oil; eugenol (up to 85%), acetyl eugenol, methyl salicylate, pinene, vanillin, gum and tannins. Disorders such as diarrhea and a hernia are treated in the Chinese system of medicine by giving the patient Clove oil. All pathogenic fungi and other troublesome fungal infections such as athlete's foot can be treated using the tincture of Clove oil, which is strongly fungicidal.
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Coriander (Cilantro)
Coriandrum sativum
In Asian folk medicine, Coriander has been used to treat stomach problems, nausea, fevers, measles, colds, and hernias. In Western folk medicine, Coriander was used primarily for digestive and gastric complaints. Cilantro is rich in minerals and vitamins A, B, and C.
Coriander has many well known medicinal qualities. Coriander seeds were used in Iran to treat insomnia and anxiety, the recently made experiments from many oriental hospitals confirmed its anxiolytic and sedative effects. Coriandrum sativum  actives have been isolated and synthesized in the pharmaceutical industry as a natural medication used to treat panic attacks, depressive-anxious syndrome and insomnia.
Coriander seeds contain an abundance of minerals and dietary fibre, while fresh Coriander leaves boast vitamins from the A, B, C, E and K groups as well as trace minerals and antioxidants.
Studies confirm that consuming large amounts of Coriander led to higher concentration of toxins like mercury present in the urine of patients suffering from mercury poisoning, suggesting that coriander helps the body eliminate harmful toxins including heavy metals.

• Coriander is beneficial for the body, and there are several advantages of the spice. It is a good herb which helps with problems in the digestive tract. If you take a teaspoon or more of Coriander juice mixed with fresh buttermilk, then it is really helpful with problems like dysentery, vomiting, hepatitis, indigestion problems, typhoid fever and ulcerative colitis. When dried, it can help treat problems like chronic dysentery and diarrhea, and it can help reverse acidity. One of the best things Coriander seeds can do is stop huge menstruation flows.

Taraxacum officinale
A chemical compound known as helenin which is found in the flowers of the Dandelion may be of great benefit for those with a problem of reduced vision in the dark - night blindness, usually treated using large doses of vitamin A. The reports carried by the journal of the American Medical Association for June 23, 1951, showed that the blossoms of the Dandelion herb contain large amounts of the vitamins A and the vitamin B2 (riboflavin) beside the substance known as helenin.
The herbal remedies made from the leaves of the Dandelion are used as a diuretic, it is also used in the treatment of high blood pressure which it accomplishes by reducing the total volume of fluid present in the body at any time. As a detoxification agent, the root of the Dandelion herb is considered to be one of the most effective and beneficial herbal remedies. The waste products accumulated in the liver and the gall bladder are removed by this herbal remedy and it principally affects the functioning of the liver and the gallbladder. The kidneys are also stimulated by the dandelion at the same time and it enables the rapid removal toxins through the urine.
• The root of the dandelion is known to be a remarkably well balanced herbal remedy, the steady and gradual elimination of toxins accumulating in the body due to infection or pollution is accelerated by the root of the Dandelion. In the treatment of a variety of conditions, Dandelion possesses major and effective therapeutic benefits, these include the treatment of persistent constipation, the treatment of various types of skin problems, including acne, and eczema, and diseases like psoriasis. The root also treats other types of arthritic conditions, including severe conditions such as osteoarthritis, and disorders like gout.
Dandelion contains:Leaves - bitter glycosides, carotenoids, terpenoids, choline, potassium salts, iron and other minerals, vitamins A, B, C, D. Root contains - bitter glycosides, tannins, triterpenes, sterols, volatile oil, choline, asparagin, inulin.
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Foeniculum vulgare
Spasms in the digestive tract are relaxed by the effective carminative properties of the herb and in addition, the herb also helps in relieving excess abdominal wind, it aids in bringing about a reduction in colic and in reducing the discomfort of hiccoughs, in this role Fennel is an ingredient in the gripe water used to reduce colic. Fennel is found as a very common ingredient in many European cough remedies - as it has a very good reputation for loosening accumulated phlegm. Colic is relieved in affected infants by giving them Fennel water. The herb is also reputed to have strong calming effects on the body of infants. Disorders such as long term indigestion, problems like heartburn, persistent constipation and abdominal pain respond well to the alkalising effects of Fennel.
Some other uses of Fennel in the treatment of disorders in women include its use as an aid in the regulation of the menstrual cycle and as an herbal aid in relieving period pains during menstruation. Fluid retention in the body is also aided by the strong and effective diuretic properties of Fennel.
• Fennel seeds are reputed to increase longevity in people and this belief of its ability to increase life span is a very old one, Fennel is also believed to induce weight loss in individuals as well. Lactation was traditionally promoted in nursing mothers in ancient Greece, by giving them Fennel, the herb actively aids secretion of breast milk, and digestive troubles in the nursing baby can also be alleviated as the volatile oils in the Fennel pass from mother to the baby via the breast milk. Some other uses of the Fennel in the treatment of disorders in women include its use as an aid in the regulation of the menstrual cycle and as an herbal aid in relieving period pains during menstruation.
• Pregnant women should avoid consuming a lot of Fennel in their meal as the herb has a potential estrogenic effect. It is thought to be a phyto-estrogenic herb, or an herb that mimics the action of the hormone estrogen in the body.
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